Changeable type, silica gel blade.

A trowel is a versatile tool commonly used in construction and masonry work. It features a changeable type design, allowing users to easily replace the blade as needed. The trowel's blade is made from silica gel, a durable and flexible material that provides excellent performance and longevity.

The trowel's main purpose is to spread and level materials such as mortar, concrete, or plaster. With its changeable blade, users can adapt the trowel to different tasks and materials, ensuring optimal results and efficiency. The silica gel blade is known for its smooth and even application, enabling precise and uniform distribution of the material.

Trowels are essential for achieving a professional finish in various projects, such as bricklaying, tile installation, or plastering. They offer control and accuracy in shaping and smoothing surfaces, ensuring a high-quality outcome. The ability to replace the blade adds convenience and versatility to the trowel, making it suitable for different applications and work environments.

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