The Scraper is perfect for removing old adhesive, vinyl, carpet, tile, and other floor covering materials.
Heavy duty aluminum construction, and high quality alloy steel double side blade.

The robust scraper, chisel type, is a powerful tool designed to tackle the removal of various floor covering materials. Its durable construction and high-quality blade make it an excellent choice for tasks such as removing old adhesive, vinyl, carpet, tile, and more.

When it comes to renovating or updating a space, removing existing floor coverings is often a necessary step. The robust scraper, chisel type, is specifically designed to handle this challenging task. With its heavy-duty aluminum construction, it is built to withstand the demands of rigorous scraping jobs.

One of the standout features of the robust scraper is its high-quality alloy steel double-sided blade. This blade is sharp, durable, and effective, allowing for efficient removal of different floor coverings. Whether you need to scrape off old adhesive, peel up vinyl, lift carpet, or pry up tiles, the robust scraper is up to the challenge.

The chisel type design of this scraper provides additional leverage and precision, making it easier to tackle tough materials and hard-to-reach areas. It allows you to exert controlled force and effectively remove the floor covering without causing damage to the underlying surface.

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