This fence set is the wood fence. flip stop, feather board and slotted aluminum track to combine assemble.
Perfect fence set, used for the router, table saw, shaper, drill press work table fence.

The Multifunction Fence Set offers a versatile solution for various woodworking applications. This set includes a wood fence, flip stop, feather board, and slotted aluminum track, allowing you to combine and assemble them to meet your specific needs.

Designed for compatibility with different tools, the multifunction fence set is suitable for use with routers, table saws, shapers, and drill press work table fences. It serves as a reliable guide and support system, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your woodworking tasks.

The wood fence provides a sturdy and stable surface for your workpiece, allowing you to achieve precise cuts and shaping. It acts as a barrier and guide, ensuring the proper alignment of your material during the cutting or routing process.

The flip stop included in the set adds convenience and precision to your work. It enables you to set specific lengths or positions for repetitive cuts, ensuring consistency and reducing the likelihood of errors.

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