4” square gauze.
3” triangle gauge.

The multifunction gauge is a versatile measuring tool that combines the functionality of a 4" square gauge and a 3" triangle gauge. With its compact size and precise measurements, this tool is designed to assist in various woodworking and DIY projects.

The 4" square gauge is an essential component of the multifunction gauge. It features four straight edges that meet at right angles, allowing for accurate measurements and layout markings. This square gauge is ideal for checking the squareness of corners, marking perpendicular lines, and ensuring precise angles in woodworking tasks.

In addition to the square gauge, the multifunction gauge also includes a 3" triangle gauge. This triangular shape offers versatility in measuring and marking angles other than 90 degrees. It is particularly useful for tasks that require precise angle cuts, such as mitered corners or beveled edges.

The compact size of the multifunction gauge makes it easy to carry and handle, allowing for convenient use in various workspaces. Whether you are working on a woodworking project, constructing furniture, or engaging in other DIY endeavors, this tool provides the necessary measurements and angles to ensure accurate and professional results.

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