Scroll chuck perfect for holding bowls, spindles, and other unwieldy wood lathe projects.
Internal jaws tighten around workpieces varying from 40mm to 70mm in size.
External jaws spread inside of workpieces with pilot ranging from 50 to 80mm.

The Wood Lathe Chuck is an essential tool for woodworkers who want to securely hold and manipulate various projects on their lathe. Specifically designed for bowls, spindles, and other challenging wood lathe tasks, this scroll chuck provides reliable and efficient gripping power.

Featuring internal jaws, the chuck can securely tighten around workpieces ranging from 40mm to 70mm in size. This versatile range ensures compatibility with a wide variety of project dimensions, allowing for flexibility and adaptability in your woodworking endeavors.

Additionally, the Wood Lathe Chuck is equipped with external jaws that spread inside workpieces with a pilot ranging from 50mm to 80mm. This external gripping mechanism further expands the chuck's capabilities, providing stability and control when working with larger projects.

With its sturdy construction and reliable gripping power, the Wood Lathe Chuck offers the necessary stability and security for turning operations. It enables woodworkers to work with confidence, knowing that their workpieces will remain firmly in place throughout the lathe process.

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