Cam levers (often called cam clamps) are quick-action fastening devices allowing the user to quickly release a workpiece without the use of tools or equipment.
Once the lever is threaded onto the application, clamping force is applied by pushing down the lever.

Lever clamps with screws are innovative fastening tools that provide quick and efficient securing of workpieces. These cam levers, also known as cam clamps, offer a convenient solution for releasing workpieces rapidly, eliminating the need for additional tools or equipment.

Designed for ease of use, these lever clamps feature a threaded mechanism that allows them to be easily attached to the desired application. Once the lever clamp is securely threaded onto the workpiece, clamping force can be effortlessly applied by simply pushing down on the lever.

The lever clamp's quick-action mechanism enables swift adjustments and fastening, saving valuable time and effort. With a single motion, the user can firmly secure the workpiece in place, ensuring stability during various tasks or processes.

The screw component of the lever clamp plays a crucial role in providing a reliable and secure grip. The threaded screw design allows for precise control over the clamping force applied to the workpiece, ensuring optimal hold and preventing slippage.

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