New, taller round handles allow a firm, comfortable grip from any angle of approach.
Toggle clamp features easy, tool-free adjustments and one-handed operation.
Clear, elevated guide runs against fence, offering a large, smooth-running reference edge without having to cut into the sled.
Sacrificial block is easily replaceable to accommodate different profiles.
Smooth-sliding 3/8'' thick phenolic base stays rigid and flat when toggle clamp pressure is applied.

The Rail Coping Sled is a revolutionary tool designed to enhance woodworking precision and ease of use. It features new, taller round handles that provide a firm and comfortable grip from any angle, allowing users to maintain control and accuracy during operation. The toggle clamp is a standout feature of this sled, offering easy and tool-free adjustments, as well as convenient one-handed operation. This makes it incredibly user-friendly, eliminating the need for complex setups or multiple tools.

One of the key advantages of the Rail Coping Sled is its clear and elevated guide that runs against the fence. This unique design feature offers a large and smooth-running reference edge, ensuring precise cuts without the need to cut into the sled itself. This not only saves time and effort but also extends the lifespan of the sled. Additionally, the sled includes a sacrificial block that is easily replaceable, allowing for the accommodation of different profiles and ensuring versatility in woodworking projects.

The Rail Coping Sled is built to withstand rigorous use. Its smooth-sliding 3/8'' thick phenolic base remains rigid and flat, even when toggle clamp pressure is applied. This ensures stability and accuracy throughout the cutting process, resulting in clean and precise cuts every time.

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