Great for rolling vinyl floor covering, carpet and cove base.
Handle extends from 17" to 27".
Segmented rollers exert even pressure on uneven surfaces.
7 -3/8" wide non-marking rollers and inset axles won’t scuff walls.
Second handle incorporated for additional leverage.

The extension wall roller is a versatile tool that proves its worth in various applications, including rolling vinyl floor coverings, carpets, and cove base installations. This tool offers convenience and flexibility with its adjustable handle, which can extend from 17 inches to 27 inches. With the extended reach, users can comfortably work on larger surfaces without straining or bending.

One of the notable features of the extension wall roller is its segmented rollers. These rollers are designed to apply even pressure, even on uneven surfaces. This ensures that the material being rolled is properly adhered to the wall or floor, leaving behind a smooth and professional finish. The 7-3/8-inch wide non-marking rollers, along with the inset axles, prevent any scuffing or damage to the walls during the rolling process.

To provide additional leverage and control, the extension wall roller is equipped with a second handle. This feature allows users to exert more force and apply precise pressure, particularly when working with thicker or more challenging materials. The second handle enhances the user's grip and maneuverability, contributing to better results and increased efficiency.

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