Often used on cutting foam back carpets, cushion floor carpets.
Extra long nose provides for better row separation.
This carpet cutter slide along with 2 spring arms forcing the carpet down and towards the cutting blade.

The Back Cutter is a commonly employed tool for cutting foam back carpets and cushion floor carpets. Its design includes an extended nose, which serves to enhance the separation of carpet rows during the cutting process.

When using the Back Cutter, its unique mechanism comes into play. The tool features two spring arms that work in conjunction with a sliding motion. As the Back Cutter slides along the carpet, the spring arms exert downward pressure, pushing the carpet towards the cutting blade. This mechanism ensures a controlled and precise cutting action, resulting in clean and accurate cuts.

The primary advantage of the Back Cutter lies in its ability to effectively handle carpets with foam backing. The extended nose allows for improved row separation, preventing any potential damage to the carpet fibers during cutting. This is particularly important when working with delicate materials or intricate patterns, as it helps maintain the overall integrity and appearance of the carpet.

Whether you're a professional carpet installer or a DIY enthusiast, the Back Cutter offers a reliable solution for achieving precise cuts on foam back carpets and cushion floor carpets. Its specialized design, incorporating an extended nose and spring arm mechanism, ensures optimal cutting performance while minimizing the risk of damage to the carpet. With the Back Cutter in hand, you can confidently tackle your carpet installation projects with greater ease and precision.


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