This is the most popular knife used by carpet fitters, positive grip and easy blade replacement with thumb screw open.
Integral blade holder and magnetic blade retainer to hold blade in place whilst closing and locking supplied with holster and belt clip.

The Utility Knife with Holster is a highly sought-after tool among carpet fitters and professionals in various industries. It offers a positive grip and convenient blade replacement, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of cutting tasks.

One of the standout features of this utility knife is its user-friendly design. With a thumb screw open mechanism, blade replacement becomes a hassle-free process. This allows for quick and efficient blade changes, saving valuable time and effort on the job. The positive grip ensures a secure and comfortable hold, promoting precision and control during cutting tasks.

The utility knife also boasts an integral blade holder and a magnetic blade retainer. These features work in tandem to keep the blade securely in place while closing and locking the knife. The blade holder provides stability and ensures that the blade remains in position, minimizing the risk of accidental blade dislodgment. The magnetic blade retainer adds an extra layer of security by keeping the blade securely held in place.

In addition to its functionality, the Utility Knife with Holster comes with a holster and belt clip. This accessory allows for convenient storage and easy access to the knife while on the job. The holster can be attached to a belt, providing a secure and readily accessible location to keep the knife within reach at all times. This ensures that the knife is always at hand when needed, improving workflow efficiency and overall productivity.

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