Single center mechanism holds both slotted and utility blades in quick release blade replacement feature for fast blade changes.
Extra long nose provides for better row separation.

The Carpet Row Cutter is a versatile tool designed specifically for cutting carpet rows with precision and ease. Its unique construction incorporates a single center mechanism that can accommodate both slotted and utility blades, offering flexibility in blade options.

One of the key features of the Carpet Row Cutter is its quick release blade replacement system, enabling fast and efficient blade changes. This allows users to seamlessly switch between blades as needed, saving time and effort during carpet cutting tasks. Whether you prefer slotted blades for specific applications or utility blades for general cutting purposes, the Carpet Row Cutter has you covered.

In addition to its blade versatility, the Carpet Row Cutter boasts an extra-long nose. This extended nose plays a crucial role in providing better row separation while cutting carpets. By effectively separating the carpet rows, the tool ensures cleaner and more precise cuts, resulting in a professional finish. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with densely woven or patterned carpets, where maintaining precise row separation is essential for a seamless installation.

The Carpet Row Cutter's design combines functionality and convenience to meet the needs of carpet installers and enthusiasts alike. Its single center mechanism and quick release blade replacement feature offer ease of use and adaptability. The extra-long nose enhances the tool's performance by facilitating optimal row separation during cutting, ensuring high-quality results.

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