The floor and wall Scrapers feature an angled head to provide clean shaving cutting action and three clamp screws allow for maximum blade holding power.
4" blade is perfect for stripping floors, walls and wallpaper.
Features three blade clamp screws for maximum blade holding power and flex-grip -fatigue vinyl hand grip.

The heavy-duty scraper with an 18" handle is a reliable tool designed for demanding scraping tasks on both floors and walls. It offers superior performance and efficiency, making it a valuable asset for various projects.

One of the standout features of this scraper is its angled head, which enables clean and precise cutting action. With each stroke, the angled head ensures that the blade shaves smoothly and effectively, removing unwanted materials with ease. This feature is particularly beneficial when tackling tough surfaces or stubborn residue.

To ensure maximum blade holding power, the scraper is equipped with three clamp screws. These screws securely hold the blade in place, minimizing the risk of slippage or detachment during use. This enhances safety and allows for more efficient scraping without the need for constant adjustments.

The 4" blade size makes this scraper versatile for multiple applications. Whether you're stripping floors, walls, or wallpaper, the sharp and durable blade effortlessly removes layers of unwanted material, saving you time and effort.

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