Low profile power head is easy to span with the knee kicker. 18" spring-loaded tail block with wheels provides additional support. Value kit stretches up to 38 feet (Standard set up to 23.5 feet).

The Stretcher Set offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and effective carpet stretching. Designed with practicality in mind, this set includes essential components that contribute to a seamless installation process.

One notable feature of the Stretcher Set is its low-profile power head. This design element allows for easy maneuverability and spans effortlessly with the assistance of the knee kicker. By providing a stable and reliable platform, the power head ensures optimal stretching results without compromising on ease of use.

To enhance the overall functionality of the set, an 18" spring-loaded tail block is included. This tail block serves as an additional support system during the stretching process. Equipped with wheels, it enables smooth and hassle-free repositioning, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience.

The Stretcher Set is available in both value kit and standard set configurations, catering to different project requirements. The value kit option is capable of stretching carpets up to an impressive 38 feet, making it ideal for larger areas. Meanwhile, the standard set configuration offers a stretching capacity of up to 23.5 feet, suitable for more compact installations.

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