Swivel Head Stretcher Set



Unique swivel head for stretching angles or corners.
Variable pin penetration for different carpet thicknesses.
Standard 18" tail block includes a foam wall protector and wheels for easy repositioning.
Value kit stretches up to 38 feet (Standard set up to 23.5 feet).

The swivel head stretcher set features its adjustable needle penetration mechanism that can be customized to suit different carpet thicknesses, ensuring optimal stretching without causing any damage or strain.

The set includes a standard 18-inch tail block equipped with practical features for enhanced functionality. It comes with foam wall protectors to protect the wall from accidental bumps or scratches during the stretching process. Additionally, the tail block has wheels for easy repositioning.

This set can stretch carpet up to 38 feet, providing ample coverage for a variety of projects. For smaller installations, the standard package configuration is capable of stretching carpet to 23.5 feet.

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