Router Table with Fence and Stand
This router table combo is the complete package. It features a large M.D.F table & fence with dust port, universal table insert, and a strong steel stand.
Table Size: 32"-Long, 24"-Wide & 1"-Thick

The Router Table with Fence and Stand offers a comprehensive solution for all your routing needs. This versatile router table combo includes essential features that enhance precision and convenience in woodworking projects.

The heart of this setup is a spacious M.D.F (Medium-Density Fiberboard) table that provides ample workspace for handling various projects. Its generous dimensions of 32" in length, 24" in width, and 1" in thickness ensure sufficient support for your workpieces. Whether you're working on large-scale pieces or intricate designs, this router table offers the space you need to maneuver with ease.

The included fence is a crucial component for accurate routing. It not only provides a straight guide for your workpiece but also helps maintain consistent cuts and shapes. The fence incorporates a dust port, which helps keep your work area clean by efficiently collecting the dust and debris generated during routing operations. This promotes better visibility and a healthier working environment.

To accommodate different router models, the router table features a universal table insert. This insert allows you to securely mount and adjust your router, ensuring stability and precise control during operation. Whether you have a fixed-base or plunge router, this versatile table insert will meet your needs.

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